//Twirly Dos 5 Inch (Singles)

Twirly Dos 5 Inch (Singles)


Twirly Do – The Reusable Hairwrap

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Twirly Do-The Reusable Hair Wraps are hand made of Polymer Clay.
The Hair Wrap wears and looks like a braid but holds like a barrette.
It is ideal for all types of hair-thick, thin, curly or straight.
You will love this Hair Wrap as it goes in easy and comes out easy making it reusable for all different occasions.
Our Hair Wraps is available in 36 colors.

5 Inch $7 or 4 for $24.

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Baby, Black, Black & Gold, Black & Raspberry, Blue Baby, Blue Brilliant, Blue Light, Blue Pacific, Blue Windsor, Blue & White, Gold, Green Emerald, Green Lime, Green Tropical, Green & White, Lavender, Lavender & Purple, Maroon, Orange Mandarian, Orange & White, Peppermint, Peppermint & Raspberry, Pink Baby, Pink Raspberry, Plum, Purple Light, Rainbow, Red Cherry, Red & White, Red, White & Blue, Red Indian, Silver, White, White, Plum & Peppermint, Yellow Lemon, Yellow Sunflower


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